Brighton Rocks...

 I have to admit I have still yet to read the classic Brighton Rock - Graham Greene, it has been sitting on my shelf gathering dust...tis on the to-do-reading list amongst all the others gathering library fines! There is also the Brighton Rock for the rainy Sundays.

Bill's Deli 
Managed to squeeze a weekend in Brighton to visit a friend who was more than happy to take me round all the sights and sounds. One of my fave places to eat is Bills - which I go for some serious brunch every time I'm in Brighton....its really tough here not to have eyes bigger than your stomach....and the smoothies will take your breath (and any hangover) away.....Ive just realised they have a branch in Covent Garden. Dangerous.

Staying on the theme of food, I was dragged kicking and screaming to a great Oyster & champagne place Riddle and finns in the lanes. Really relaxed with marble high top tables and white tiling and good lighting (very impt!) and top dollar seafood....highly highly recommend. I couldnt resist stashing the oyster shells so I could use them as paint pots for watercolour (when making them from pigment). One word of not to stash them in your best handbag no!! I cant say Im the biggest fan of oysters but with a bit champers, I can forgive the somewhat slimy texture!

A bit of the local cement sculptural forms..

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