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I was fortunate to take part in a charity art auction at Christie's.....yes, Mr Picasso, once in a blue moon the work of us mere mortals are allowed to grace the great auction room.... Was exciting to see my work in 'luxury' environment...makes you think about perception of a place and how this affects objects in that space and value. Having worked in the luxury fashion area, aspects like this along with branding, marketing, retail space are key. Art as a commodity is a luxury good so perhaps the same rules apply.

My 'Lot' numbers...

Overhead screen

The latex piece is one of the first versions I made for the Psyche - Shallot Sliced Set I did for the Redgate Gallery Show. Its one of my most favourite pieces, albeit a bit on the dark side. I ended using a more abstract version for the gallery show. Its amazing to see what a 'glass case' can do to a piece....that untouchable factor makes it a lil more special.

I did like the way the piece was hung in the case making it look suspended and free floating. Being latex, the light going through the work really worked as opposed to hanging facing a wall.

My other work in the auction was a wire sculpture which was originally shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Being one of my earlier pieces and where I first practiced my soldering, tis a wee bit special for me. Its based on some drawings I did in the Elgins Marble room at the British Museum.

Picasso has nothing to lots didn't surpass the world record auction price  $106.5 million - for his work "Nude, Green Leaves and Bust".....may get there one day!!

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