play: Devon Beachsweep working holiday

I got a few comments when I mentioned I was going on conservation working holiday (through the  British Trust of Conservation Volunteers) cleaning stray nappies in sight thankfully, but a lot of plastic! Just to say, never throw cotton buds down the toilet as they end up on the beach! Some  of the rubbish picked up. 


Waste, plastic and environmental issues are all bees in my bonnet. Most of the time being in a big city, its rare to come face to face with environmental effects of day-to-day living and trash! In the far top left picture, there are small round plastic balls which are the size of an earring stud. They're transported in shipping containers to be melted/moulded into plastic objects. A lot of containers get lost and and quite a few of these balls then get washed up onto beach or eaten up by wildlife/sealife. 

Litter bin! Great colour combo

I found the imagery of the waste inspiring so hoping to use these as source material for my next work, so watch this space. 

The holiday was great way to see some amazing beaches in Devon, though you won't see rubbish in the same way again....some non-rubbishy pics... 

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