Sun, sea, sand salutations...

Selecting the pics for this post has been a mare...too many nice things to choose from!  After a crazy 3 months in prep for the foundation show, I took a lil trip to Turkey on a yoga/hiking holiday with Heliotrope holidays - all I can say is that it was fab and would totally recommend it. I can admit that I didn't make all the yoga morning sessions, though I was ready waiting for everyone for brekkie whilst sunning myself by the pool!

Apartment view

Had the most amazing meal in a tree top restaurant in the middle of nowhere! All the ingredients were home grown...including the butter (never know butter grew on trees!). To die for.....

The tree top place

Love love this scarf...I want one!
One of the hike views 

We did a mini-evening hike to this place called Chimera where natural gas seeps through cracks on the sides of the mountain-side so fire just comes out spontaneously out from the holes. Amazing - though u had to watch where you sat or else pants on fire would be order of the day!

This hike was quite memorable - I thought I was gonna pass out from the heat and just wanted to jump into the sea...though not sure how that would fare as I cant swim!

"Ooh think your St Tropez's better than mine..."

The Iceland volcano did blew his fuse whilst I was in Turkey so ended up doing a slight detour to Istanbul....what a shame. The locals were trying to sell me various wares including some gorgeous carpets - shame they were'nt flying ones!

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