"Time waits for No-one" - Approach Gallery

Popped along to this gallery above the Approach Pub to see a show by artist Amanda Ross-Ho. Great, space above the pub - quite unusual as it was a 'proper' white walled-gallery space...complete with the gallery owner/employees tapping away on their Apples in a room next door looking very busy.  Love it and would love to show there...one day...back to the artist in question, the work was nicely curated and went together really well. However,  made me wonder though if each individual piece would work just as well if they were just on show by themselves...don't think so in this case. Context and environment is important for some work.

Cross Stitch piece
Piece wise what struck me the most was the large-scaled cross-stitch work with the saying 'Time waits for no-one' - the title of the show. Funnily enough I have the same saying at home on my board! An important thing to remember and which I always try to keep in mind in my day to day.
My post-it master piece

Different pieces in the show linked together in a subtle way, either by colour, shapes used, fabric so the show was cohesive which I liked. E.g the stripes on the bag on the left and the stripes on the teeny weeny tissue box on the floor 'left' beneath another piece.

I was inspired by the touch of the craft element e.g the cross stitch  and another piece called: 'DropCloth Quilt' which sits on the gallery floor and was a studio cloth which the artist used to test marks/paint and then sent to her aunt to be quilted. I was a bit of an avid stitcher/knitter etc when I was younger and would like to revisit these past-times and integrate them into my work.

Another piece from the show
'Drop Cloth Quilt' Piece

Presentation, craft, memory and experience are key elements of the work - according to the blurb

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