progress: Dreamscape planes series

It all started with a dream, (although on seeing the work you might say a nightmare!) which I had a few weeks ago where I dreamt a vivid tribal landscape image and felt the urge to paint it.  However whilst working on the piece, it has metamorphosed into something else. Again, I've taken a more 'unconscious' approach to the work like the 'Excavated Realities' piece - I just find this process of working really liberating. I have used acrylics but have used a similar 'glazing' method like you do with oils - layering the colours which has been really effective but very time-consuming..i'm only a quarter way through.

The inspiration mix for this has been a bit of perspective, buildings and futuristic landscapes.....some of the research images are think it started off as something tribal!!! To be continued....

Some inspiring research

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