"Ellipsis Show...": Redgate Gallery

After an exhausting few months, finally finished the work for the 'Ellipsis show' at the Red Gate Gallery in South London. 

Was a great feeling hanging up the work finally seeing the work in an open space along with everyone else's. The show was fabulously curated by Laura and Lucy and coincidentally colours that were used in peoples work seemed to all fit really well together. 

'Psyche: Shallot Sliced'
Steel, etching/monoprint on latex, mixed media

My work was based on the idea of personality facades and different versions one has of themselves....is there a one true self, what is it? Latex was the medium of the day which I liked for its skin-like quality (perhaps a bit too realistic!), a very smelly substance to use so spent most of my time outdoors prepping the latex sheets.

As you may not have guessed, the 'making' is something integral to the work as much as the piece itself. I learnt to weld/braze to make the frames - getting the metal rods to sit 90 degrees was interesting to say the least!

My sculptural piece used frames in a way to distort perception and perspective in a way to confuse the viewer - 'what am I seeing?' and integrating chiselled metal shapes and silhouettes.
I never came up with a title for this piece. I can now understand the idea of 'untitled'. Sometimes you simply cant find language to describe/annote work. 

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