progress: "holusion"

This is some work I've been working on which started off around the museology theme and a trip to the Hunterian. For more details of the process, check out my A-Z Sketchbook

Initial prep

Large Scale Drawing

Display of 'finished' work in progress

"Holusion" - Acrylic, charcoal, plaster, muslin, fabric ink (83 cm x 115 cm)

This body of work is still work in progress but wanted to get up the general idea of the work, key words being layers, 3d against the 2d, perception. Ive found that suspension, hanging are continual ideas in my work along with fragmentation.

Im hoping to develop this piece towards  more 'layered' direction perhaps using transparent materials to replicate the drawing and adding this as another layer.  Ideally I would have liked the work to stand on a free standing wall in the middle of a room so viewers can have  side view of the work.

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