public: Goldsmiths Brochure

Got a bit of a surprise whilst working on the Centre for Cultural Studies stand for the Goldsmiths Open Day. For the Centre's brochure, my work made it to the cover along with another image inside. I was expecting them both to be inside! It's interesting to see work reproduced in the masses and in a different format/size as well as being 'distributed' rather than being in a static form.

Started me thinking about DIY distribution of multiple 'works' in some shape or form....I remember reading about something about Gordon Matta-Clark's work which was multifaceted in every sense of the word - he once made corsages out of film then distributed them out to friends.  I can't quite remember if there was a message printed on the corsage or not, will have to check.

Would like to explore ways to get work 'out there' - perhaps making small pieces, handing them out, integrating them into the environment somehow...

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