progress: "Mortar of mortals"

Thats a bit of mouthful for work piece title. I do often find creating interesting and related titles quite hard so can see the appeal of the 'untitled' option and leaving it for the viewer to decide. A cop out you may say. 

This is latest in a series of plaster based sculptures all made using the casting process. Again I used found objects to create the casts and embedded paint and various objects and created drawing through lines of wire and scrim. The basic hypothetical premise of the work was to be 'site specific'- i.e artwork created to exist in a certain place. For more interesting information check out this link: Site Specific Art.

The individual pieces are like bricks (and are similar in size as 1 brick or 2 bricks) and wanted to repeat them to make up a whole or bigger piece which is a common theme across my work. 

"Mortar of Mortals" - Plaster, wire, paint mixed media 

With regards to site, I have often been interested in spaces which go unnoticed on a day to day basis and wondered how to bring these spaces to life or reinvent them to make them feel wanted.  So the spaces I chose were the spaces in between hedges that you often get on a due carriageway.

With my limited Photoshop skills I managed to place my plaster creations to 'be' amongst the hedges. I did scale them up to be larger thinking this would be aesthetically bolder but peer feedback have said that the pieces should stay true to the original size and I think I agree. Scaling them up would also bring other questions into play such as the how' would I actually cast them up bigger?  Now, who was it that mentioned fabricators!

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