progress: Cortijada Los Gazquez - Spain Trip III

Finally here's the long awaited instalment of my Spain trip, being what 'arty particulars I got up to. Due to limited materials, I worked initially in my small A5 sketchbook - a Fabriano one I might add, which has travelled with me for some years now and looking rather busy! Taking full advantage of the amazing weather and gorgeous scenery, I abstracted forms and scapes around me using watercolour and pen/biro - one of my favourite mediums, yes the lowly BIC biro!

Sketchbook work

I then moved onto some larger sized paper, working with watercolour but working on slightly more representational work - something which I find challenging as it means I have to actually 'look' and not be lazy! Could be the negative memories I still carry from GCSE art where my cabbage drawing looked nothing like the cabbage in front of me so thought I couldn't draw.

I've only recently started to use watercolour, as I've always thought I have to do formal classes to learn how to use the medium. But a tutor said to me, basically its 'wet on wet' or 'wet on dry' !!  Im sure theres more to it, but being experimental, it probably is best that I just work with it and continue until I find the effect that works for me. Since art for me is about breaking the rules, possibly because you have to live through so many rules in life anyhow, why live through more!!

Working with it for 10days, I did find a vast improvement with my approach to watercolours, though the subject matter is not usually what I use. My first pic was a still life, my last was a landscape which I was really pleased with, and the most fun Ive had doing trees and skies!! The bigger the brush (obvious squirrel hair!) the better!

'oranges' - Watercolour

'landscape' - Watercolour
Some other bits I worked in in between, more in my style. Using found papers and stitch.

Watercolour with charcoal/stitch

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