production: Neo-nic Splints II

This is another piece of work as part of this series - Ive found I do tend to have a few pieces revolving around the same theme as opposed to just one piece then moving onto something different. I often start making one thing then move onto a another piece then perhaps back to the first piece at a later stage. Again, probably the love for materials and wanting to experiment, I tend to flit a bit and move between works in progress in a zig zag fashion. 

This piece is A1 sized piece of black card with white acrylic on top. Using the urban scape as a theme (see inspiration here), I used the process of automatic drawing, just 'taking the line for a walk'. I wanted to use as little conscious decision making as possible, though its hard to completely let that go. Since life itself is so planned, controlled, I wanted to find a process or a way to go against it or perhaps balance it in a way. 

"Neo-nic Splints" - Acrylic on card, wire, thread
The 3D element just couldn't keep away, so I brought small wire sculptures in, which looked like they were rising through the card. These were then wrapped with lines of florescent thread....the threads  on the spools themselves were to die for!

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