production: 'Neo-nic Splints' Work I

This is my first piece as part of the NEO-NIC SPLINTS series. Using a touch of stitch 'n' sculpt and again using found material. Yes, I do have a huge stockpile of all sorts of remnants and all struggling for storage rather than the waste bin. I do seem to be drawn to stitch, possibly because of my fashion background, love for line and drawing and also the process itself which is therapeutic. 

"Neo-nic Splints" - Found image, plastic, thread, cardboard, twine

I'd never intended to make them as a duo and to show them together but I feel they work quite well once  placing them both within the same frame.  Since my Daffodil Drawings, I also seemed to have hooked onto the colour yellow...something to do with the greyness we persistently have aka the British weather. 

 The work is currently up in the cafe of the Mary Ward Centre as part of the group exhibition. 

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