production: GIF TASTIC

make a gif
make a gif

This was a painting which had its origins as a still life oil painting in a previous life.  I've always wondered how to show more of the artist's process which obviously is hard to get a sense of when you only see the final piece in a 'white space' so to speak.  

So I was rather inspired by the Joy to Gif show at  the The Photographers Gallery and thought maybe I could a brief idea of beginning, middle and end of my painting in process. Weirdly, I had photographed my painting through all the stages of being painted and wondering how I was going to use the images. Il destino! 

Being a small world, I found that one of the texts as part of the show on the site was written by none other than Matthew Fuller who I work with which gives a rundown about the GIF - can be found here.

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