progress: My work - 'Sentient Space' II

I was inspired by some knitting that I was doing for myself making a scarf and always wanted to scale it up and using alternative materials. I used to knit a lot as a child and somehow lost the making when I went off to university. As a child I just simply got on with it and having no fear, you didnt care if you dropped a stitch or 2, but it was the only way to get better...a lesson I could learn from now! Not fearing failure.

Scarf Beginnings
Knitting has its own structure and system, codes of making....K1, P1 etc and also consists of individual building blocks, i.e, the looped stitches. I was interested in translating this into a different building block in terms of interiors and architecture, another area I am interested in.  Architectural lines have crept into my work previously when I used branches and waste plastic to knit.

Additionally, I was interested to read how knitting is seen as a 'feminine' hobby whilst it actually began as an activity undertaken by men, i.e. when shepherds were tending their flocks.  Intertwining these different yarns (no pun intended!), I knitted with waste bags a rather large mass thinking about space - interior and domestic space and the placement of the individual within that space.

I initially liked this idea - contorting the mass to look like a woman reclining on a sofa, with the needles acting like the shoulders. 

'Reclining maid',  Plastic Bags

I then decided to settle for my piece to be a knitted door - the obstacle, the obstruction or the opportunity! 

'Knit in, Knit out' , Plastic bags. 195cm x 76cm    
With my work often mutating into different forms and my fascination with an ever changing art work, let's see what this piece becomes in its next life!

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