progress: My work - 'Sentient Space' I

Finally a post with my latest pieces of work which Ive been working on since Autumn 2012....time passes so fast and I feel I should have updated my progress as I went along, however as mentioned in before,  I tend to work in a very haphazard fashion so initially things don't really make sense.  I also continue to work with a group of pieces, which work rather like a family of objects. One working with the other or the other or against each other.

First an abstracted drawing of an indoor space.

Untitled drawing, Charcoal/Acrylic on Paper, 84cm x 59cm
I then translated it over to a frame free canvas and into glorious technicolour using oils and highlighted the black parts by sewing black patches of fabric onto the canvas. I didnt know exactly when the painting would technically be finished, I rather liked the 'vacant' empty gaps of unfilled spaces so left them so the painting seems 'unfinished', reflecting spaces always being in transition. 

I wanted to then turn the piece into a 3d object and used a found window frame to do this. Again with a lot of my work, I have mixed 3d and 2d media and ideas and in this piece have extended it to be integrated with the content and idea.  Here the process was taking a 3d space, turning it to 2d then reverting it back to 3d allowing the viewer to see a 2d image in a 3d format.

In a way, television and photography play with the idea of reality or what surrounds us into a flat transmission. Some ideas to look into the future, the world pushed into streams of waves, code, light.

Untitled, Oil/Fabric/Nylon thread on canvas, found wooden frame. 75cm x 104cm x 24cm

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