progress: My Work - Iceland starting points

Even though I was only staying for a mini residency of 10 days, illusions of grandeur regarding quantity of work I was going to produce was in full swing! 

My initial skeleton framework for the time was the following: 

" The aim is to firstly look at the effect of a different work space on my work - I am currently investigating space in general within my work - the urban scapes and natural scapes and living in London being a highly congested urban scape has a certain influence on my work and I would like to see how a stark change would influence my work.

I work in 3d and 2d mediums, often crossing them and would like to experiment with line and mark - painting and drawing the landscapes and details and then consequently look at making small sculptures using the 2d pieces as well as found objects and materials in the landscape where I often use waste materials in my work e.g waste plastic.

I also hope to make use in general the physical and mental space and document over the week my changes of thought and ideas and perhaps make some work around this idea. I have been videoing myself knitting which has been interesting in exploring the meditative and repetitive nature of textile building techniques such as knitting "

Let's just say, I got round to a tenth of it!  I can easily see how you can spend 3-6mths on a residency as it takes time to adjust to new surroundings and often your ideas will morph and change as a result not only from the new environment but also from the other folk on the residency too and interactions with them. The problem with Iceland is the overload of inspiration!

Other things to factor in were materials and any equipment and what is plausbile to take in luggage as I could only take so much as well as thinking about what things could be brought back home. For someone like me using a range of materials etc I initally found it  hard but then also quite refreshing in terms of having parameters. One of the key things in spite of its weight was my Polaroid camera...

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