production: My work - Polaroid Heaven

I had never used my 2nd hand Polaroid camera before...poor thing had been gathering dust for sometime but it cant complain with its first outing being in Iceland! With film being super expensive, around £2 a shot for 8 shots, I only bought 1 film and was forced to have a bit of think as to how to use the shots and in what context. As I was going to be on the residency farmhouse for just over a week, I set myself the first parameter of 1 shot per day! Preposterous you might say particularly in the digital age where you can snap away to yours hearts content.

On day 1, I was a bit perplexed as to what my subject matter was going to be. I didnt want to do solely random landscape shots which I found pretty so I went moseying around on 1st shot day for inspiration. With my general interest in urbanscapes and naturalscapes, I was drawn to the various man made objects/placements in the wild so this eventually became the starting point for my search each day of 'The Shot'!

The outcomes are as follows:

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