Progress: My work - "The Collage 30 Day Challenge"

Inspired by the Kurt Schwitters show at the Tate Britain, I decided to set myself a bit of a experimental challenge. 30 days, 1 collage a day in 1hour using found materials mainly gathered from that particular day. The time parameter of 1 hour may change...!

Part of my interest for doing this, is drawn from the idea of artistic liberation. No restraints and constraints which you often face either constructed by yourself as the maker/artist or externally through education or the 'art world' out there somewhere. For Schwitters, his notion of artistic liberation was encapsulated within 'Merz' - his approach and philosophy on which his collages and assemblages were based upon. 
"Merz stands for freedom from all fetters, or the sake of artistic creation. Freedom is not lack of restraint but the product of strict artistic discipline"

Another reason for this method is linked to my interest in the boundaries between art and life and the blurring of the two. Allan Kaprow also wrote a series of essays on this idea. Schwitters used the mundane of everyday materials to fuse the idea of life as we know it and the idea of art as some practice it. With varied commitments and the constant conflict to carve  out time 'to do art', I often find 'art practice' as this separate section of myself and artificially constructed in a way and am looking to embed it more into the everyday so it more organic and free flowing. Let the challenge begin....

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