pLay: Gardens of earthly delights

I finally made a trip to Kew Gardens which I shockingly realised Id never visited though Ive lived in London all my life! Lots of botany fodder to feast my eyes upon. Ive always had a fascination with flora and fauna so have always automatically taken photos of them particularly close ups to get the lines and structures of the plants and flowers. Coupled with that is the structures that the plants are housed within and their structured forms.


I have been for some time thinking about some work based on botany - not too sure what avenue as yet so some research and generally making a start might be a good idea. I was also drawn to the actual equipment housed in the greenhouses. Ie the binding items, hoses and watering systems.

Kew Gardens - Hosing equipment
Rather reminded me of  Rachael Champion's work which I first came across at the Royal Academy Schools final show - an eclectic sculptural installation with an array of equipment and objects nodding towards agriculture and cultivation. Will perhaps use her as a point of reference first 

Rachael Champion - Camden Arts Centre
Rachael Champion - Royal Academy Schools - Final Show  

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