ponder: why blog?

After a rather quiet spell on the blog airwaves, I thought it was time to reignite my relationship with my blog. With such a varied range of social media and general digital  platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook, websites, etc its all too easy to be rather overwhelmed.

Being in an academic environment also requires 'formalised' reflective practice so other digital outlets are required for this too. Not only do you need a space for 'reflection', but also a space maybe to see you work in progress and with the vast amounts of  'interesting' information on the net, you feel the need to 'archive' information in the name of research, thus requiring another space, which in my case is literally a 'cut n paste blog'.

With all this in mind, I was reviewing what my varied digital spaces are actually for and trying to define it. With a 'website' under construction (and has been for sometime), I was using the blog as a pseudo replacement to showcase my work and thoughts. But I feel that the time has come to change that.

So, this blog will continue with progress of work, shows and exhibitions, travels and tales but it will be (in my mind anyway) a slightly freer space to enable me to write and assimilate my thoughts on my work and what I've seen. One reason I did start a blog was to write and enable flow of text. And as well as sharing ideas, this will be the main reason for this space - dialogue between the mind and the hand...or rather the finger tips to the keyboard.

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