public: My work - 'Inhale/Exhale'

For the 'C' show at Edinburgh Carbon Innovation Centre, I worked collaboratively with artist/writer - Allison Palenske. Our joint efforts culminated in a multi-media installation comprising of 'Carbon Mitigation' Cocktails for the public to sample as well as a wall-based installation of petri dishes with algae and a projection of algae poetry- all presented as part of the 'DinnerLab' concept and collaborative initiative. 

The basic premise of the work is based on the fact that Algae acts like a carbon sink. These plant-like aquatic organisms do an efficient job of sequestering carbon, taking it out of th eair and locking away in solid biomass. In order to prepare the dishes, we worked with a team from the Biological Sciences dept at University of Edinburgh. 

1. Wall Installation - Petri Dishes with Algae

2. 'Carbon Mitigation Cocktails' 

Back of Information Cards about the algae cocktails 

Projection of 'Algae poetry'

Projection Slide Example 

Projection Slide Example
Im looking to continue with the Algae theme for future work in my own practice as well as co-hosting DinnerLab events too - so watch this rather 'green' space.

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