ponder: digital rejig

Having started a research based course, Im currently (yet again) re-visiting the old problem of which online platform does what and what I should include or not! Having now finally got a website  (in progress!) through the Cargo Collective finally, im now reconsidering what I put on this blog and how to use it 'usefully' and more frequently.
 1. Tumblr blog: Sketchbook data - I end up putting anything vaguely I see on the internet as useful here. But Im thinking to hone this more down to my current research threads and writing a few words as to why they could be relevant.
 2. Tumblr blog: Work in progress - This is just a photo blog work of work in progress starting from Sept 2013, very useful as can put visual, sound, video snippets useful for me now with multimedia coming into my work.

3. Blogger: Main blog - not really sure what this for?
 Connecting from Blogger:
Pg1 - Website
Pg2 - Work in progress
Pg3 - Research Data
Pg4 - Instagram - general photography
Pg4 - Flickr book
Pg5 - Project 1 waste project
Pg6 - Project 2 collage project

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