process: Research day 1 - cont'd

So in light of the previous post about the Bureau, I then decided to make an emblematic banner of sorts - it was basically an old sheet used to make a pseudo curtain to border off my studio space but then I thought it might be interesting to make a 'banner-cum-doorway' with my bureau branding.

Even the consideration of how to get the emblem onto the sheet was interesting - stencil or not to stencil, if so with what and how? How does one get the perfect oval to cut out the stencil without the aid of the digital? Even after all that thinking, I then thought, just go freestyle with acrylic and rather liked the accidental paint bleeding into the fabric - binary disintegration between support and medium.

Banner prep 
With lettering/typography, its hard to believe that it wasn't too long ago that the symmetry/geometric forms were created accurately by hand. I remember seeing a glimpse of it in the fabulous documentary 'Helvetica' about that particular and ubiquitous typefont. It can be viewed here

More process
Through this and other studio antics, you realise you have to keep going and 'showing up every day' in a loose sense and just make, sometimes with pre-constructed ideas with strong concepts but for me this is rarely the case. Initially, though you struggle internally to do so, is the idea of just 'playing' and experimenting and see what ensues. It is like a broken record but one which is easily forgotten.  

I always look back on my process last year regarding my 'final installation' with various components....twas a long journey and very organic organic, in that all I knew at the beginning was that I wanted to make a sound/sculptural installation. In fact most of the components were work in progress prior to that beginning of thought in June 14. E.g the paper collage, algae as main focus and algae-ic voices which carried over from other pieces. Practice is almost like a series of bricks, which build upon each other, some bricks work in isolation most however need time and age-ing and work with other bricks around it. 

Theory/practice binary
Ive found this year and learnt the long and hard way (though perhaps Ive always known) that for me materials is key and that text, books etc though are inspiring, cannot work in isolation without consistent integration of the practical. My mentor always said last year that the theory and practice should be seamless and really there should not be divide. I suppose you feel that the theory sits only in words in a book format but my ideas most of the time initially come from the work/material play and then I investigate the context. 

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