prose: Research day 9 - book inspiration

Currently looking at these books for inspiration (in addition to the 100 others!). The first book is photography related focusing on examples of the cyanotype process which Im interested in, partly because of the word:
Cyano: (from Greek kuanos (adj) dark blue, (n) dark blueenamel, lapis lazuli) and its relation to the Cyanobacteria (blue green algae) 

and where algae is forming a big part of my research. There is also the visual aesthetic - the deep blue which immediately makes me think of the sea/sky and has quite a calming effect.  Additionally theres the medium of photography itself - a process which uses light to form an image. The idea of light transmission to initiate a reaction or change is also what encapsulates the process of photosynthesis which is turn is one of the major areas I am looking into in relation to algae and the lab work of the Evolutionary Biology Department (University of Edinburgh) who I am working with. 

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