process: DEEP TIME Encounters - violence (2) - anxiety!

Collage/Painting on a musical score -  'The poisoned fountain'

Following on from the last post, I'm going to be sharing some of the processes for the works and the works themselves which I presented for the conference. 

Initially, taking my floor based sculptures (as in the previous post) as the starting point.

As you may have guessed from my previous posts, the 'material' lends itself as the starting point. The element of chance and accident is important to me and my work, as it allows 'that which is exists' beyond my intention and in the margins to come through and to come into play. Maybe part of my interests with respect to process is the idea of what lies beneath the surface - and thinking about this as I write, this aspect of the 'beneath the surface' is also a crucial part of my interests around the microscopic; what parts do invisible actors play in the systems of the world and beyond; beneath the surface we walk on and geological surfaces, going beyond the surface of time and space.

But as always its difficult at times to simply let go and trust the process especially if you're working to a particular deadline with particular 'themed' work. Without letting go somewhat, you then border onto the issue of perhaps being too illustrative of an idea (in my case anyway). In this way, you constantly ask yourself what it is you want to do through your work and maybe what you want others to get from it too.

I recall being pretty stressed and thinking suppose I don't come up with anything or suppose whatever I come up is basically 'rubbish'! The 'poisoned fountain' of thought in the making process. Luckily trusting the process and uncertainty did lead to somewhere.....

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