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So having recently found out I made it through, Im currently working on a piece to to be shown as part of the AHRC (Arts Humanities Research Council - a public body supporting research in the UK) Common Ground event to be held at York University this month. The event will have 9 zones each with a different theme e.g. 'Co-create' and "Demo-nstrate. 

Again, similarly to the Deep Time conference event back in February, when applying to the call for submissions, I had to be fairly precise as to what I was going to present way before I'd even touched any materials or thought about the form. The art of applying to these type of things is how to be both vague and specific at the same time! The following is the write up for the call and I am intrigued to see myself how my ideas and thoughts change/develop over time as I get nearer to the final work. 

"Im looking to present a video & sculpture installation which will explore the idea of the ‘commons’ from a number of angles, but mainly from the perspective of finding a common ground between different specialisms/areas. 
Firstly the form of the sculptures will be made using a combination of ‘traditional’/analogue techniques as well as more innovative digital technologies such as 3d Printing where I will be working with the MAKLAB-digital technologies centre in Glasgow.
Alongside this there will also be a video projection piece combining botanical, coding and glitches ideas.
In terms of content I am looking to work with geneticists at Glasgow University to explore the idea of shared commonality between humans and plants. These themes will be integrated within the video/sculptures. 
Overall my work/practice explores environmental themes and issues and reviewing the dualism of the human separate from the surrounding environment."

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