prose: Das ding ist hoch...

If your German is half as good as mine, to save you the trouble of Babel-Fishing, the above means 'the thing is...'.

A short and sweet post but in having to return this book to the library due to a reservation, I thought Id better finally get that swift browse in there. I do love the Whitechapel Gallery series of books 'Documents of Contemporary Art' - a gorgeous array of books each on a particular theme/idea/concept which is important in the realm of contemporary art eg The Object, Ruins, Memory, The Archive and Sound - are just a a few of the themes covered. Each book has a series of short essays by various contributors so really good for dipping in and out and particularly fabulous for further reference books and understanding key writers/artists etc around that theme. The problem is, if its a theme close to your heart, you start hyperventilating at the sight of the references at the end of each section and often get bogged down with checking those out - basically each book could set you up for a lifetime. 

Endless ruminations on the world of objects to come over due course, but for now I leave with this sentence from the book:

"all objects are things but not all things are objects" 

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