process: The possible

Impossible you say. 
But it is indeed 'possible' to get polaroid film not only framed in a brassy bling but there is the added bonus of a circular window. Bring it on. 

This is going to be a part of luggage paraphernalia en route to Iceland. Theres only 8 shots so no super snappy fingers. Im considering photographing my gold fabric sculptures (which are currently WIP) out in the landscapes - not too sure why yet - more about this in the next post in addition to current morphising of this 'body'/line of work. 

After buying this, I was reminded of a student's work at an interim show back in 2015 - took me bit of time to track the name down but I remember it well as I really liked the layout, objects and imagery. The work is question was by MA Photography student (Central St Martins) - Candice Japlassu. From the image on the site you can just make out on the bottom right a series of images set in a square framed by circular window. These frames were a notch up as they were backed onto silver brushed metal and simply beautiful objects as well as the lunar-esque imagery. Perhaps this was stuck in my subconscious all this time and led me to buy these polaroid items in relation to the icelandic alien-scapes - who knows.

Candice Japlassu: 'Why is there something rather than nothing...'

I was thinking through what attracted me to this work - partly the materials and the mixture contrast between the geological forms and references and the silver framed images, the images the themselves being quite stark and cold. Ive always been one for the objet and was also drawn to the the almost museum style curation of the different pieces ranging from wooden framed larger photos to the smaller polaroid metal framed images to the backdrop which encases it all. Almost like a separate room created as the wall has been layered with a 'wallpaper' type backdrop rather than using the existing wall. A space within the space. There is also the mix between the 2d and 3d with the bird up on the left hand side and placement of a rock in addition to the framed imagery. 

There is also the obvious link of its content and reference to the natural world - skies, rocks the ephemeral.

I wonder if this is something I should consider a form for arrangement and display in the future - ie a collection of art objects curated together to form a bigger piece. A piece from a number of pieces. This style of presentation has been part of my exhibitions before e.g my Excavated Realties series which included 3d sculptures, a wall relief sculpture and a 2d oil/collage piece.  And no doubt stems from my obsession with archives, cataloguing, museums and objects. There is also the idea of how I make my work where often I work in a fragmented way across different media and perhaps sometimes I should analyse more across various pieces as there will be a thread perhaps which links them. Hmmm few things to ponder on as usual. 

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