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place: Local Artist Open Studio - Pam Mulholland

  Despite the slightly drizzly day today,  I decided to venture to Epping to see the open studio of Pam Mullholland (Printmaker/Artist) who is a new member of the Essex Art Club which I also belong to. I'm always keen to connect with other like minded souls as although there are probably creatives in area (Gants Hill) I havent really got any links here besides a few artists at the Valentines Mansion artist studios.  I also like to get out of the area for some creative inspiration particulary as where I live isnt the most inspiring of places and gone much grittier over recent years (litter, lack of care due to many houses becoming rental properties, stripping out of any remaining green in front of homes to make way for car parking etc) and no interesting/creative spaces.  Pam's studio Was lovely to see Pam's studio which is in her house within a converted garage/spare bedroom with sofa bed. Such a warm, cosy inspiring space filled with both her own work and printmaking work

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