Blogging Under Re-construction!

Im currently 're-constructing' all my digital platforms so please bear with me! As a maker/creative you often get lazy and just leave your 'digital' stuff to just continue as it is forever more or basically leave it to wither...but I often forget how static they are and that you do need to relook at them and see why you use them and how to make the best of them, especially when new platforms are coming into play. I was using Blogger form sometime then came across Medium so currently wondering which to use! I was attracted to Medium as I like the idea of writing straight onto the screen vs Blogger where you create a new post then publish it - all from another page so can be a bit more clunky and less enticing if bit short for time etc. So then I have to ask my self why do/did I blog?! so its: (like the front end/template customising/just) VS (WIP and havent customised the user interfa

play: Margaret Raspé - "Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow – Let Them Swing"

So well into the new year and back on the blog from rather a long hiatus! I still haven't quite as yet developed a system for blogging to write more consistently. I always think, tomorrow and once you know it, months have passed and you've forgotten the event! So today I thought I'd write on the day of the event whilst it is fresh in my mind.  Today's trip involved seeing a film by the Scottish Experimental filmmaker  Margaret Tait  as part of the Glasgow Film Festival. However this post is about the short film that preceded it by a German filmaker/artist -  Margaret_Raspé  whom I didn't know about before today. Camera Helmet The 1974 film shot on Super 8 (a medium I've yet to try but would so love love to!) is only 20mins and essentially films the process of washing up a load of dirty dishes.  Yes, I'm totally not going to look at my dirty dishes routine in quite the same way! A seemingly simple concept but the film was not only film

process: The possible

Impossible you say.  But it is indeed 'possible' to get polaroid film not only framed in a brassy bling but there is the added bonus of a circular window. Bring it on.  This is going to be a part of luggage paraphernalia en route to Iceland. Theres only 8 shots so no super snappy fingers. Im considering photographing my gold fabric sculptures (which are currently WIP) out in the landscapes - not too sure why yet - more about this in the next post in addition to current morphising of this 'body'/line of work.  After buying this, I was reminded of a student's work at an interim show back in 2015 - took me bit of time to track the name down but I remember it well as I really liked the layout, objects and imagery. The work is question was by MA Photography student (Central St Martins) -  Candice Japlassu . From the image on the site you can just make out on the bottom right a series of images set in a square framed by circular window. These fr

ponder: Revisiting land of fire & ice (i)

Courtesy of Super-Collider So, I'm heading out to Iceland in just under 2months which I super excited about and the group Im tagging along is also a 'super' prefixed group, none other than  Super Collider . They describe themselves as: 'an independent agency based in London and Hong Kong. working in and with people from the creative industries, we explore science from a pop cultural standpoint – bringing its wonders to new audiences through projects, events, publications and curated products' I've been wanting to join this yearly exodus to Iceland for some years now and wasn't able to go in the past few years due to college. This years group itself is a total mixture with folk from art, advertising, science and tech backgrounds and working in varied sectors which is great and look forward to meeting them all in September.  Though the trip is fairly short - roughly 5 days, I wanted to use the opportunity to try and do some form of research/coll

prose: Das ding ist hoch...

If your German is half as good as mine, to save you the trouble of Babel-Fishing, the above means ' the thing is ...'. A short and sweet post but in having to return this book to the library due to a reservation, I thought Id better finally get that swift browse in there. I do love the Whitechapel Gallery series of books 'Documents of Contemporary Art'  - a gorgeous array of books each on a particular theme/idea/concept which is important in the realm of contemporary art eg The Object, Ruins, Memory, The Archive and Sound - are just a a few of the themes covered. Each book has a series of short essays by various contributors so really good for dipping in and out and particularly fabulous for further reference books and understanding key writers/artists etc around that theme. The problem is, if its a theme close to your heart, you start hyperventilating at the sight of the references at the end of each section and often get bogged down with checking those out -

process: 'Common Ground' event (iii) - unthinking, thunking

Life Drawing class - charcoal drawing So after a slow start, igniting the creative switch, things started to get going particularly after a day trip of a walk around the botanical gardens here in Glasgow and the Kelvingrove museum where I did some brief sketching. This was followed by an evening session of life drawing which was great as it enabled just pure flow without having to worry about content.  Sketch of glass sculpture Another thing I have to remind myself when working on a piece/project is to actually go do some other activities if the brain cogs just don't want to turn. I often find if Im directly thinking about the piece i.e ruminating constantly over 'what i should make', it rarely ever comes which in turn stresses me out and then the cogs really get stuck. At times, as mentioned before you just have to let it go and perhaps do an arty activity not necessarily directly related to the piece.  Sketches at Kelvingrove Museum

process: 'Common Ground' event (ii) - gen-e bot

Studio space snapshot - the green plastic cell After varied twists and turns over May and part of June, the Commons event finally arrived and though I thought at various points if Id ever come up with a piece at all, rest assured I managed to get something together - HOORAH! A bit of intense making especially in the last 2 weeks run up to the event.  However looking back at my original statement submission, things did not go according to plan or rather maybe that was the plan - not to follow it! And something I need to remind myself - have a general plan but do not fear that which you have yet to tread as well as allowing ones work to be led rather than 'leading' it at all times. Basically release the OCD.   First up for 'process of refining' was the scope of what I wanted to present. Im not entirely sure what was going through my mind when I wrote ' I am looking to work with  e xplore the idea of shared commonality between humans a